special offers

special offers

We changed our production to nickel free stainless steel.

The pendants we offer on this special site are stocks made of acid resistant (so-called austenitic) stainless steel.

This sort of stainless steel was dermatological tested in experiments with simulated human perspiration with the result that this steel was classified as save. There are rarely any allergic reactions. There is 7-9% nickel in this material, but it is bound in the steel, so no or nominal nickel will be given off!

(for your information: also steel for medical product or for food sector contains nickel)

Anyway we want to exclude any allergic risk and changed production with nickel free material.

The pendants we have still on stock we offer as follows: 

pendants € 10,20   and  earrings  € 10,70/pc.

(while stocks last)



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